Onion Valley to South Lake 2020

My son and I went on a Seven Day backpacking trek in the High Sierra, hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail / John Muir Trail, starting in Onion Valley and ending at South Lake, while climbing over five passes: Kearsarge Pass, Glen Pass, Pinchot Pass, Mather Pass, and Bishop Pass.


Day 1:  Onion Valley to Kearsarge Lakes via Kearsarge Pass   


Day 2:  Kearsarge Lakes to Rae Lakes via Glen Pass   


Day 3:  Rae Lakes to Woods Creek   


Day 4:  Woods Creek to Upper Basin via Pinchot Pass   


Day 5:  Upper Basin to Palisade Creek via Mather Pass   


Day 6:  Palisade Creek to Dusy Basin   


Day 7:   Dusy Basin to South Lake via Bishop Pass   


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