Mount Baldy July 2013

TR: Mount Baldy via the Ski Hut Trail


Vicki and I spent two nights and three days in the Mount Baldy Area in late July 2013. Our goal was to become acclimated to high elevation preparatory to our trip (two days later) to northern Yosemite. Climbing a ten thousand foot mountain and enjoying the beauty of the Angeles National Forest were added perks.

However, let me admit right now that climbing Mount Baldy was NOT our first choice. Our original plan was to spend two nights at ten thousand feet in the San Jacinto Wilderness, but the Mountain Fire was burning full blast in that area and the park rangers had called to let us know that the park was closed and our permit was cancelled. Bummer! Some quick thinking led us to consider the Mount Baldy area: First, we’d never climbed Baldy before, which was a serious omission as it was one of the major peaks in Southern California. And second, we’d be able to get at least partially acclimated by camping above eight thousand feet. It wasn’t as good as sleeping at 10k, but it would have to do.

Yes, it’s true: We were Baldy Virgins. And, like many happily de-flowered virgins, the only thing we can say (afterward) is “Why did we wait so long? It was great!”

The two of us standing on the summit of Mount Harwood with Mt. Baldy behind us

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