Cucamonga June 2011

Last year (June 2010) Vicki and I backpacked up the Icehouse Canyon trail to Kelly Camp for two nights, and devoted the middle day to day-hiking Ontario and Cucamonga Peaks. We had a lot of fun, but, not surprisingly for a Saturday arrival, Icehouse Canyon was insanely crowded. This year we decided to head back to Kelly Camp once more, but via the eastern route, up the Middle Fork of Lytle Creek. The trail starts lower, at about 4000 feet elevation, so we decided to hike it over two days, staying Saturday night at Commanche Camp, elevation 6100 feet, followed by a two-night stay in Kelly Camp, elevation 7800 feet. And, as predicted, it wasn’t crowded at all. Just the way we like it.

Early morning silhouette of pine trees on the Kelly Camp Trail. Mount Baldy is lit in the background.

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