High Sierra Trail 2020

We went on an Eleven Day backpacking trek on the High Sierra Trail.  We hiked it from East to West (reverse of the usual way) for over 70 miles, starting in Horseshoe Meadows in the Inyo National Forest and ending at Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park.  We climbed over Cottonwood Pass to join the Pacific Crest Trail, then hiked north on the PCT until the intersection with the High Sierra Trail, just north of Mount Whitney.  We had a truly excellent and unforgettable time in the High Sierra.


Click on a day to get started!


Day 0:  Getting Ready   


Day 1:  Horseshoe Meadows to Chicken Spring Lake   


Day 2:  Chicken Spring Lake to Rock Creek   


Day 3:  Rock Creek to Crabtree Meadow   


Day 4:   Crabtree Meadow to Wallace Creek   


Day 5:  Wallace Creek to Kern Canyon   


Day 6:  Kern Canyon to Funston Meadow   


Day 7:  Funston Meadow to Moraine Lake   


Day 8:   Moraine Lake to Big Arroyo   


Day 9: Big Arroyo to Kaweah Gap   


Day 9: Kaweah Gap to Upper Hamilton Lake   


Day 10:  Upper Hamilton Lake to Nine Mile Creek   


Day 11:   Nine Mile Creek to Crescent Meadows