High Sierra Trail 2020

We went on an Eleven Day backpacking trek on the High Sierra Trail.  We hiked it from East to West (reverse of the usual way) for over 70 miles, starting in Horseshoe Meadows in the Inyo National Forest and ending at Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park.  We climbed over Cottonwood Pass to join the Pacific Crest Trail, then hikied north on the PCT until the intersection with the High Sierra Trail, just north of Mount Whitney.  We had a truly excellent and unforgettable time in the High Sierra.

High Sierra Trail 2020

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Big Pine Creek July 2020

We went on a Six Day backpacking trek in the John Muir Wilderness, hiking on the North Fork Big Pine Creek Trail into the Big Pine Lakes Basin, where we hiked to nearly every lake, and climbed up to Sam Mack Meadow on the Palisade Glacier Trail.

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PCT Cloudburst Summit to Mill Creek May 2020

We section-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in the Angeles National Forest from Cloudburst Summit at mile 398 to the Mill Creek Fire Station at mile 419 over the course of three days. This hike happened during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we decided to “Social Distance” ourselves as much as possible by hiking all alone in the middle of nowhere.

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West Coast Trail 2019

We went on a week-long backpacking trek on the West Coast Trail in the Pacific Rim National Park, in British Columbia, Canada.  This famous trail is a difficult-but-rewarding trek upon the beach and through the rain forest, along the Straight of Juan de Fuca on the southern coast of Vancouver Island.  Over the 75 kilometers of trail and beach, we faced many fun challenges, such as 70 wooden ladders climbing hundreds of feet up (and down) steep bluffs, four hand-pulled cable cars spanning wide rivers, two boat rides across even wider rivers, 130 bridges, slippery rocks, mossy logs, muddy bogs, and uncountable wooden walkways in various stages of decay.  We saw wild bears, several snakes, a bald eagle, flocks of sea birds, breaching whales, spawning salmon, tidepools full of marine life, and islands covered with ornery sea lions.  We camped on the beach every night, and lit fires from sea-bleached driftwood.  The weather ranged from magically foggy in the morning to warm sunny afternoons, and on our final night (and day) it rained and rained, behaving exactly like the Pacific Northwest is famous for.  All in all, it was an absolutely beautiful trip, the trip of a lifetime.

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Rae Lakes from Onion Valley July 2019

We went on a week-long backpacking trek to see the Rae Lakes.  We started from Onion Valley, on the east side of the Sierra Nevada in the John Muir Wilderness, and climbed over Kearsarge Pass into Kings Canyon National Park.  We then climbed over Glen Pass to the Rae Lakes Basin, and hiked on one of the most scenic sections of the John Muir Trail.  Along the way, we day-hiked to the Sixty Lakes Basin and also climbed to see the rarely-visited Dragon Lake.

Vicki and I on top of Glen Pass with the Rae Lakes Basin down below us

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San Gorgonio July 2019

We backpacked up the South Fork Trail to Dry Lake, day-hiked to the summits of Ten Thousand Foot Ridge and Lake Peak, and traversed cross-country to Dollar Lake.  This was our first visit to the South Fork Trail since the Lake Fire in 2015, and we wanted to see just how badly the forest got burned.

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