Mono Pass to Piute Pass July 2022

Vicki and I did a ten day backpacking trek from Mono Pass to Piute Pass, starting in Little Lakes Valley, climbing over Mono Pass, descending Mono Creek, heading south on the John Muir Trail, climbing over Selden Pass, ascending Piute Creek, and, eventually, arriving at our car at North Lake.  We had a wonderful time exploring deep lakes, high peaks, stunning passes, and raging creeks.  All told, we hiked seventy miles, climbed nearly 12,000 feet, swatted many mosquitos, and caught countless trout, several of which we ate.


Day 1:  Rock Creek to Ruby Lake   


Day 2:  Mono Pass to Fourth Recess   


Day 3:  Mono Creek Valley   


Day 4:  Bear Creek   


Day 5:  Marie Lake   


Day 6:  Selden Pass   


Day 7:  Senger Creek to Piute Creek   


Day 8:  Piute Canyon   


Day 9:  Lower Golden Trout Lake   


Day 10:  Piute Pass to North Lake