Mammoth Lakes Area August 2021

Mammoth Lakes Area August 2021

I went on a four day solo backpacking trek in the Sierra Nevada, starting at Duck Lake Pass in Mammoth Lakes, and hiked to the Pacific Crest Trail / John Muir Trail, where I headed south as far as Mono Creek, then hiked back north all the way to Reds Meadow near the Devils Postpile.  This hike served to “bag” yet another section of the PCT and JMT that I hadn’t hiked yet.  It also gave me one final opportunity to hike in the High Sierra during the dry and smoky Summer of 2021 before the authorities closed the forest due to fire danger.  It was great!


Day 1: Duck Lake Pass to Tully Hole   


Day 2: Cascade Valley to Mono Creek   


Day 3: Silver Pass to Purple Lake   


Day 4: Duck Lake to Reds Meadow