San Gorgonio May 2009

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The whole point of this trip, besides having fun, was to test out our gear and make sure that everything (including ourselves) was ready for the week-long Sierra Trek we had planned for August. The two of us had been backpacking for years and years, not only before we had kids but also with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts while the kids were growing up, but it had been many years since only the two of us had gone camping together. We realized the sad truth: That ever since the kids had grown up, we hadn’t done much of anything except work. It was intolerable, once we thought about it. And we also realized that the only way we were going to keep backpacking was if we scheduled and organized it ourselves. And that’s exactly what we did.

We had to get permits. We had to buy food. We had to make sure of our gear. We didn’t want to spend a fortune on it either, so we used our old gear. It wasn’t new and light and fancy, but it would get the job done. Maybe someday, when we were rich, or when we were absolutely sure that we wanted to keep doing lots of backpacking together, maybe then we’d splurge on a few choice pieces of gear to make things easier on ourselves. But not now.







Day 2:






Day 3:





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