Mount Baldy via Devils Backbone Sept 2017

My son and I joined up with members of the San Gabriel Mountains Discussion Forum for a fun day-hike to the 10064-foot summit of Mount Baldy (aka Mount San Antonio) via the Devils Backbone Trail.  We were lazy and took the ski lift up to Baldy Notch, then climbed the remaining 2300 feet to the summit.  So we weren’t utterly lazy.  Not content with bagging only one peak, my son and I headed off  for a quick visit to West Baldy, topping out at 9988 feet.  After rejoining our partners on Baldy, we headed back down the way we’d come, with the exception of taking a side trip to bag a third peak, Mount Harwood.  My son was feeling rather stoked as we headed into the Top of the Notch restaurant, where we ate our well-deserved burgers and beer.  With full bellies, there was no complaining when we took the ski lift back down to the cars.  All in all, it had been a great day on the mountain!

Click on the photo to read the complete Trip Report

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