Catskills 2014

TR: Big Indian, Fir, and Doubletop in the mist

On my annual visit back home my brother and I always try to get in a bit of hiking in my old stomping grounds, the Catskills. I used to do quite a bit of backpacking there in my youth, but not nowadays. My brother gets more chances, and is currently up to 30 of the 35 peaks, with mainly the bushwhacks left to do. Bushwhacking solo can be a bit risky (it’s hard to use the Buddy System when you’re alone), so he’s been using my visits as a means of bagging these last few peaks. And I’m happy to help!

Anyway, this year we decided to hike to the summits of Big Indian, Fir, and Doubletop (if we had time).

Speaking of imagination: I DID see Sasquatch appear out of the mist, but he vanished, too.

Click on the photo to read the complete Trip Report


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