PCT Cuyamaca to Scissors Crossing Feb 2013

After a few shorter local hikes, Vicki and I decided to attempt a long sixteen-mile hike on a section of the Pacific Crest Trail. This was the first real “hike” of the 2013 season, although we didn’t camp overnight. We also have been dreaming of hiking the entire PCT some day, from Mexico to Canada, but fully realize that we will never be able to get that much time off from work. Hiking the PCT in “sections” will have to do, for now.

The section we hiked was in San Diego, from near Cuyamaca Lake down to Scissors Crossing, where Highways 78 and S2 cross. This corresponds to what is officially known as PCT Mile 62 to PCT Mile 77. Basically, we started up high in the mountains, at 4800 feet elevation, and, over 15 miles, dropped down into the high desert at 2300 feet. So, even though it was a long hike, it was, thankfully, mostly downhill.

Rather than a there-and-back hike with one car, we used two cars, dropping one car off at the end. We also started at dawn, and hoped that we could keep up our pace and avoid hiking in the dark.

Hiking along the north slope of Granite Mountain on the PCT

Click on the photo to read the complete Trip Report


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